A lot of people are dreaming of having their own patio outside their house. It is commonly used for having a snack or a small group to have a party. There are different kinds of patio and it depends on how you like it to be made. It could be a bit expensive for those people who are not into this. They are thinking that it will just be a waste of money doing such thing. But, there are more people who are willing to pay higher as long as it is worthy and have a good result. For some local areas you could find patio builder Richmond for a more convenient way of building this. In having this kind of place needs a lot of research and planning. It is going to be very important that you would have a knowledge about what kind of design would you prefer to have? Right now, we are going to figure out the basic ways on how to construct patio in your location. Of course, in creating this you would need some tools and equipment like the shovel for digging, hose, fabric that is use for landscaping and tamper and even broom and sand.  

  1. Do the outlining for your desire area and make sure that you will remove the upper face of the ground that contains grasses and soil. You may use the hose or a string to mark your outline. This will depend to you on how big you want. After that, you can now do the part of removing the dirt and sod that covers the area.  
  2. Place the fabric that is commonly used for landscaping. You may choose to do this part or skip it. But, most professional workers for this field would prefer to have this kind of process as it gets away the chance of mixing other things to the part where you want to build your patio. You can purchase this material anywhere and to the nearest hardware shop you have in your city.  
  3. You will just simply pour the sand and some gravel to this area. You can use your rake tool to widely spread it to the patio of yours. Tamper is being used as well in this part to make sure that it will be compacted. It will help to mix thoroughly the sand and the gravel together. Add again a layer of sand on the top.  
  4. If you want to create a strong foundation for your project. You could use bigger stones. You need to save space so you are required to put them together at the same time.  
  5. You can now add the remaining sand that you have there. You may now use your soft broom to full clean the area and remove the excess sand on the top.  
  6. Lastly, place some plants or furniture that you like and design and decorate it at the same time. You may now enjoy it.  

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