How Would You Know if Masonry Needs Repair?

1. Bowed brick – when you are seeing signs that your bricks are bulging may it be in the inner or outer part or area. That means you may need to contact repair services to avoid more damages since bowed brick can be the cause of moisture through the years. It happens especially when it is not sealed in properly slowly it will force your bricks to go out or sink in. That is why if you see just even one it is important to have professional asses it in what is the best thing to do so that it would also not affect other parts masonry repairs Birmingham.

2. Corner cracks – it is important that to always check and observe your masonry for any cracks. Don’t worry it won’t collapse or fall because it has a strong foundation but it is also important that you don’t take it for granted. It is important that you have it checked since water can seep in during heavy rains and it can cause damage to the inner support walls or. It might also lead your bricks to bulge out or sinking in. Usually, cracks are normal because it expands and due to other weather conditions but it is easy to repair contractors would just usually fix it by sealing it again or change it depending on what the situation is.

3. Compacted bricks – you would know if the bricks are compacted since it doesn’t look normal like other bricks. It is not on its original shape it can look like it is bowed or it can even give some cracks and when the time comes that it goes out and leaves an opening on your wall then water can also go through it. When that happens molds, bacteria’s and other harmful organisms can build up. So, not only it damages your property it is also unhealthy and can lead to problems and diseases. It is recommended that you have it repaired and usually contractors will just replace affected bricks.

4. On a different angle – you would know if ever it is damage if ever it has a shelf angle and a long-shaped metal that is installed on your walls to support the bricks. That is the method that the contractors used to split and help the weight with each break by having a shelf angle sitting. You would know if there something wrong with it because there are signs of chipping or corrosion behind it. It is important that you have it repaired since it is the only support that you can get and corrosion can be a huge problem for you and can be hazardous so it is important to check signs and put actions right away.

5. Staining – if ever there is the presence of stains or salts rising in your masonry. It is important that you have it check it wouldn’t absorb further stains. The cause of staining is because of a different kind of weather and temperature condition that arises.

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